5 Popular Bathroom Design Trends in 2020



As with everything, trends are ever-changing, especially in design. Here at Jeff Phillips Joinery, one thing we specialise in is working on bathrooms. This includes all sorts, from arranging the layout, to building units and cupboards, to complete renovations. We have worked with lots of areas of bathrooms, and from this we see firsthand the new and developing trends that take place.

The thing about interior design is that it is entirely subjective. There are endless designs to choose from to suit your personal taste, however every year we see certain trends circulating that become popular throughout lots of households. 

A lot of our customers like to experiment with their bathrooms and explore new designs. With this we have noticed growing trends over the year so far, and we thought we would share some of these with you to give you some inspiration and ideas for designing your bathroom!


LED lighting

In design, lighting is so versatile and has the ability to completely transform the look of a room. You often find that in bathrooms people keep the lighting quite simple, however one trend that has grown popular this year is LED lighting. This is great for decorative purposes as it looks stunning and can highlight any area that you desire. For example, you can have LED lighting that runs round the edges of your cabinets, or any particular area that you want to highlight or add a bit of something extra to. 

Furthermore, LED lighting is modern, energy efficient and affordable. It is a great way to add a little extra to your bathroom whilst using a more environmentally friendly type of lighting.


Waterproof wallpaper

Waterproof wallpaper is extremely practical in bathrooms. Of course, bathrooms are a water based room, and so you need to ensure that it is equipped to cope with water and won’t become water damaged. This year we are seeing more and more people opt for waterproof wallpaper as opposed to tiles. Not only is this very practical and a bit different, but it also allows you to experiment with the design a lot more, as you can opt for patterned styles or something to add a bit more texture to your bathroom. 


Big and bold

People are getting a lot more adventurous with their bathroom designs. Throughout 2020 we have seen customers make much bolder decisions in terms of design. For example, they are opting for much more bold and ‘out there’ colour schemes, as well as bold and quirky wallpaper designs. Incorporating something a bit more out of your comfort zone can really draw attention and tie in your whole bathroom design. 



Incorporating brass into your bathroom is a really popular trend in 2020. This creates more of a luxurious and classy feel, and adds more texture to the design. The detailing of brass is very distinctive and can almost make your bathroom design more elegant and classic. 

Furthermore, you only have to incorporate brass into your bathroom design in small amounts. For example, you may have brass faucets or mirror frames, or even your shower head. Though this is quite minimal, it still creates a big impact and adds a stunning touch to the design. 


Wood effect

On the whole, the wood effect has had a massive surge in popularity throughout interior design over the past year. Gradually, this trend has moved into bathrooms, and it creates a really natural and authentic sort of look. This natural finish blends perfectly into the bathroom environment, and has a real ‘less is more’ feel about it. It can make your bathroom look quite vintage, and it adds so much texture to the room. 

For more information or if you would like to speak to us about having any work done in your bathroom, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.