How Having a Loft Conversion Can Increase the Value of Your Home



When considering ways to improve and revamp your home, you may automatically think along the lines of renovations and extensions. Whilst these things provide you with a lot of benefits and can add significant value to your home, something that is often forgotten about are loft conversions. The power of a loft conversion is greatly under-appreciated, as with the right visions, you can turn your loft space into something really spectacular that will not only provide lots of practical value to you, but will also increase the overall value of your home.

Here at Jeff Phillips Joinery, loft conversions are something that we specialise in and so we see firsthand the amazing transformations that they lead to. We wanted to share with you a little more information about this, and explain how having a loft conversion can actually increase the value of your home. 


The right loft conversion will boost the appeal of your home

A loft conversion of any nature is going to add appeal to your home. The purpose of it is to turn your loft space into something more desirable and practical. Whatever this may be, it will be viewed higher than an empty, neglected storage space that it once was. Furthermore, you might decide to have your loft converted into a new room, but still keep this partly as a storage room, with neat and tidy storage units and with the whole room designed to be a little more visually appealing and spacious.


It provides great value for money

Although it costs money to invest in having a loft conversion, you will reap the rewards. In the long run, this provides great value for money as it means your house will be worth more on the market in years to come. Therefore, if you decide to go on and sell your house, you will receive a higher sum of money for it. This is a great way to invest into your own property.


Converting it into a bedroom will put your house higher on the market

Straight away, having an extra bedroom in your house will add value. Whether you opt to do this through having an extension or by converting your loft into a bedroom, it will increase the value of your home and sometimes quite significantly depending on the extent of the project. A loft conversion can also be a more cost effective alternative to moving house if you are in need of more space and an extra bedroom. 

Perhaps you are growing your family and feel as though you are running out of space in your current home. Converting your loft into a new bedroom is a great way to solve this. A lot of the time when families are in this position they will immediately look towards buying a new property as they think this is the best way to solve their problems. However, buying a new house is a very stressful and costly process. By simply having your loft converted into another bedroom, you are solving the same problem but at a much lower cost and with significantly reduced stress! 

Furthermore, converting your loft into a new bedroom means that if you lived in a three bedroom house for example, you could now advertise and sell this as a four bedroom house. This is more appealing to homeowners that are looking to buy, and will allow you to put your house up at a higher price on the market.


They are practical and make better use of the space

Realistically, a lot of us are guilty of using our lofts to hoard lots of old belongings that we don’t really have any intention of using. There will be things we put up in our lofts to store but never get down from there. So, rather than your loft space going to waste to purely serve the purpose of storing unused items, you can instead make better use of the space by transforming it into a brand new room. 

The beauty of a loft conversion is that you can do just about anything you want with it. Whether you want to make it a new bedroom, an office, or perhaps even a games room, you can utilise the space to whatever needs you have. Loft conversions are designed to provide practical value to you and your home. It’s a good chance to get creative and experiment with different ideas.

For more information or if you would like to speak to us about having a loft conversion, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.