What Are the Benefits of Having PVCu Window Frames?

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PVCu is a very popular material used throughout households, and it is not hard to see why, as this material provides all kinds of benefits and is extremely reliable and strong. It performs exceptionally well and is incredibly long lasting, which is why a lot of the time you will find that people have PVCu window and door frames. In these areas of your home you want something strong and that is going to withstand all forms of weather throughout the year. PVCu is the perfect material for this! 

Here at Jeff Phillips Joinery we have seen first hand the positive results from fitting PVCu window frames for our customers. Along with the endless practical benefits to this material, it is also aesthetically pleasing to the design of your home, too. So, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about the benefits of having PVCu window frames and why this is something you should consider. 


What is PVCu?

PVCu stands for un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is a material notorious for its strength and durability. PVCu is the perfect alternative to wood as well as PVC due to the way it is designed and in the nature of it being unplasticised.


What are the benefits of PVCu?

As a material, PVCu is something that comes very highly rated and recommended. The benefits that it has to offer are endless, and it is not hard to see why so many people opt for this material on the likes of their windows and door frames and as an alternative to wood in other parts of their home. 

Perhaps the best thing about PVCu, is just how strong it really is. It is such a durable material that doesn’t take impact no matter how severe the weather conditions are. It is so strong that it stays in perfect condition, and also has a really good lifespan. Here in the UK we can be victim to some pretty harsh weather, and your window and door frames are essentially at the forefront of taking this impact. Therefore, having a strong and reliable material is so important as you want something that is going to keep your house safe, as well as last a long time without need for repair. 

However, despite the strength of the material, PVCu in itself is actually very lightweight. This makes it a really good material to work with and generally just more convenient within the structure of your framing. 

Another really good thing about PVCu is that it is affordable. Though it is such a strong and high quality material, it isn’t too expensive, therefore making it fantastic value for money. Furthermore, for an affordable price you will have something that is unlikely to need any sort of repair and that will also last for a very long time without needing replacement. 

A lot of people also like PVCu as it is a very low maintenance material. Realistically, you only really need to clean PVCu frames a few times a year, and other than that it doesn’t require any other form of maintenance, and also isn’t victim to rotting as other materials are. 


Why should I have PVCu window frames?

PVCu is probably the most common material used for window frames, as well as on doors. It is the perfect material for these areas as for example window frames in particular are exposed to all the different kinds of harsh weather we experience, and PVCu is designed in a way that it can withstand this and not face any sort of damage or deterioration. It is the best material you can use for window frames as it will serve you well, and truly stand the test of time. 

Furthermore, PVCu is not prone to discolouration, therefore it will maintain its colour and appearance and look fantastic on your property. Naturally, it can endure a lot of force and weather conditions without deteriorating at all. This is what you want in a window frame, as it means investing in a material that is going to serve you well and be extremely strong and reliable. 

Furthermore, having PVCu window frames can actually contribute towards saving money on your energy bills. This is because it provides such great insulation meaning that during the winter, it will keep out the cold from outside as well as stop the heat from escaping, meaning the inside of your home will be kept warmer for longer. 

For more information or if you would like to speak to us about having PVCu window frames fitted, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!